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Children stricken with influenza aren't receiving the flu-busting antiviral drug Tamiflu even though it's recommended for them, a new study says.

Three of five children with the flu aren't prescribed Tamiflu, researchers report online Nov. 13 in the journal

  • Dennis Thompson and Carole Tanzer Miller HealthDay Reporters
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  • November 14, 2023
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  • People newly infected with COVID-19 might soon have access to what essentially is Tamiflu for the novel coronavirus, a breakthrough that experts say would drastically alter the course of the ongoing pandemic.

    At least three contenders are vying to become the first antiviral pill that specifically targets COVID-19, according to reports from drug manufacturers.

    Such a pill could be pr...

    A Harvard/China collaboration has entered the coronavirus COVID-19 fray, with researchers on both sides of the globe working to expand understanding of the potentially pandemic virus.

    The researchers will be working on vaccines to prevent infection and antivirals to treat the sick, but the effort is a more holistic approach designed to figure out the basic biology of the virus and how...

    As the long-running television show "Modern Family" wraps up its final season, one of the show's stars is taking on a new role raising awareness about the importance of preventing and treating flu.

    Actress Julie Bowen was sidelined a few years ago by flu, and wishes she had known how important it is to see your doctor right away.

    "My job and having young children mean exha...

    Flu sufferers may soon have a new antiviral drug on hand to ease their fever, chills and body aches.

    The new pill, which targets the genetics of influenza viruses, has shown that it can reduce fever and respiratory symptoms in lab animals, as well as reducing the overall amount of virus in their bodies, researchers report.

    Preparations are underway for human trials of the "n...